Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Broody Hatching -- First Chick and Chicken Math Disaster

My broody hen Buffy is trying to hatch out some eggs. I tried to candle the eggs nine days ago and decided to hope for the best.

Two days ago we discovered an amazing smell in the coop. I tearfully checked under the hen and found three eggs. The fourth egg was nowhere to be seen. Choking, I retreated upwind and sat down to think like a stuffed bear with very little brain. Oh bother! But the sensible Doctor Dolittle suggested that Buffy had consumed one of the eggs because it was rotten, setting my overworked brain at ease.

Today Buffy was particularly violent in her objection to being forced off the nest. I pulled away my hand, with her beak firmly attached, and saw a glimpse of black. I squawked. Buffy squawked in response, falling back onto the nest.

I got my camera and came back for more opportunities to lose fingers.
Two eggs left
First chick to hatch
Chick from Mr. Big and De
Realizing that I was out of time to prepare for chicks, I raced to Tractor Supply. My list included chick starter, chick feeder, chick waterer, and chick electrolytes. It would have been so easy to just run in and run out with my purchases, right? But nooooooooo.

Doctor Dolittle saw it first. There was a tub with a brooder lamp over it. "What is that?" Doc asked. Foolishly, I turned to look. TSC had one last batch of healthy-looking Production Red pullets.
Production Red Pullets from TSC
Now, by the power of Chicken Math I have six more chicks.

Update: One of the Production Reds is very aggressive and keeps pecking her sisters. I think she just volunteered to become the first foreigner placed under Buffy tomorrow. If she is agreeable, then I will put the rest under her. If she attacks the chick, the little bugger could probably hold her own.

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  1. Cute chicks.

    You know that since the hen just hatched a little one that she will most likely adoupt the new ones as well. Just place them under her at night and she will think she hatched those too. I do this every year.