Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chicks Demand the Spice

The spice must flow! As worms threatened production, Doc suggested worming the chickens with red pepper flakes. It was such a big hit that we used up the entire bottle of pepper flakes in just a couple days.

To make sure the chicks got their fair share, I have started keeping Buffy outside the chick tractor during the day. She orbits the tractor, eating adult food. They stay inside consuming chick starter and treats.
To each their own
Ever frugal, I noticed that I could get a lot of fresh jalapeños for only a few cents. I gleefully purchased a bag of jalapeños and Doc chopped some up for the chicks. Naturally, they ran in abject terror upon first sighting the horrible invading veggie. But soon, they were demanding their daily delicious green treat. Oh the chickeny joy!
Stalking the wild pepper
Texas chicks demand hot stuff
They demand their chick starter also.
Crunchy starter is crunchy
It must taste better in the middle
Actually, they are just demanding.

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  1. I have been putting pepper flakes in our garden to keep away rabbits (which works really well BTW) and I noticed the girls were also "helping themselves." I was concerned that the pepper would be bad for the chickens, but I am so glad to see that it not only is okay for them but good. Thanks so much for the post!