Monday, August 1, 2011

Oreo and the red chicks are growing

Oreo hatched from an egg that had been intended for breakfast. Confronted with the reality of a live chick, Doc and I realized we were still unprepared and raced out to Tractor Supply to get some last minute chick doodads, and inevitably, more chicks.
Oreo, newly hatched
Ten days later, we let the gang out into the tractor, with adult supervision. Oreo and the reds were utterly adorable with their little wing feathers and fuzz.
Adorable at 10 days
At about three weeks, Oreo was the cutest chick in an awkward bunch. One red looked like a vulture.
Three weeks and awkward
Oreo looks like a real chicken at 7 weeks. Her red comrades seem to have feathered out nicely as well.
7 weeks with nice feathers
Oreo and the red girls are looking like proper young ladies at 11 weeks. They work together to patrol their run, protecting it from lizards, bugs, and amazingly delicious seeds that mysteriously fall from the sky when I am near.
11 weeks and full of themselves
Some time in the next three months we will have to build nest boxes. Oh the chickeny joy!

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  1. My RIR was the ugliest chick ever, but remains the sweetest. Is Oreo an Australorp? Very sweet!