Monday, April 11, 2011

Broody Orange Pancake

Buffy the Orange Pancake Chicken
When I went to gather eggs this morning all the chickens ran out, except for Buffy who was on the nest. She looked flat as a pancake and I had to wonder if she was broody again. Hooray?

I have been saving Buffy's eggs for my incubator test. I will do the test as soon as I build the incubator. Real Soon Now. Yeah, right.

But life intervened and I had to deal with work and animals and people and stuff. Finally got home at oh-dark-hundred to close the coop. Guess who was still on the nest....

My fluffy orange girl was still there, still looking like a pancake, still giving me the stink eye.

I collected my hatching stash and ran back out. Placed one egg under her, collected a peck. Placed another egg, got another peck. Nudged her aside, placed the rest of the eggs, removed the ceramic egg, and collected a peck and a stink eye and a bonus BAAAAAWK.

Mission accomplished! Now I just need to build the incubator in case she knocks off early....

Update: This clutch ended disastrously.


  1. Sounds like you're having fun. I also have a broody I'm documenting on my blog at

  2. My broody is a buff orpington too and I have pictures of her identical to yours. It's fun to watch a broody and her determination to be a mommy! Good luck to you, I hope you have a successfull outcome.