Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feasting Chickens

My chickens are spoiled. They get treats every day. Insanely delicious treats. And they know it.

Because of this, I must only bring treats to the chicken pen before I let the chickens out for the day. If not, I risk getting torn to bits in the ensuing chaos.

The adults need calcium, so they get yogurt for their treat.
Calcium-rich yogurt treat
Certain foods are so highly desired for their awesome deliciousness that Mr. Big will preempt the girls and run to the head of the line. At risk of life and limb, I was able to shoo him away so the girls could get a morsel.
Mr. Big with guilt written all over his face (and wattles)
Doctor Dolittle suggested worming the chickens for spring. The chicks spend their days in the pen with the flock. So worms could be a problem for the little fuzzballs. We decided to feed everybody red pepper flakes.

As usual, the adults ran away in terror from the new food. We got them acclimated with a blend of oatmeal and pepper flakes until we could feed them straight pepper flakes and they would eat every one. We knew they were eating the peppers from the bright red poo.

The chicks needed no persuasion and took to the flakes after only one day of abject terror. Now they look forward to the bright red bits of deliciousness, especially when mixed with leftover cornbread.
Red pepper flakes and cornbread treat
We are careful to make sure they get a complete chick diet. They have access to dirt, hay, wood chips, more dirt, chick starter, chick starter with dirt, and various kinds of treats like red pepper flakes, cornbread leftovers, and yogurt with dirt.
Complete chick diet of dirt, starter, pepper flakes, and yogurt
The chicks are growing fast on their super diet. I fear that one day a chick will put on a blue leotard with a red cape and bend the bars off the brooder cage.

As it is, I have to deal with a jailbreak every day.

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  1. Your blog makes me smile! So nice to know others out there experience the same things I do! Keep going. :)