Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stink Eye, the Chickeny Look of Disapproval

Chickens are expressive creatures. They let you know when they are content. They let you know when they are frustrated. They let you know when they are hungry.

But when they want you to know they are very displeased with you, they have a special expression. They give you the Stink Eye.

When Vo was forced to test drive the new coop, she expressed her displeasure with being unceremoniously relocated.
How dare you disturb my repose!
The chicks, new to the facial expression thing, looked a little more disappointed than disapproving when the treats did not leap from my hands into their pen.
How could you?
Mr. Big, always vocal with his opinions, was not at all pleased to be pushed away from the yogurt bowl when there might still be a speck or two in there.
Yogurt makes a delicious fashion accessory
Buffy, another vociferous bird, wants nothing more than to be free of all constraints that keep her from anything she desires, such as world domination or fried mealworms.
But De is the Queen of the Stink Eye. Mere proximity offends her. I went to close the coop one night and got a full blast from her. I ran like a fraidy cat.
Begone foodless human!
I bet you would have run away too.


  1. Wow, De is a feisty one!

  2. Oh my. I'm scared of those wattles. She means business!

  3. Nothing better than chicken stink eye pictures! Have you seen the long thread about this very subject on the backyard chicken board? Hysterical.

  4. Wow! I have never seen stink eye like De's. She is impressive!

  5. Your blog makes me laugh! The running like a fraidy cat part was priceless! I also loved your post on the snake eating your ceramic nest egg. I hate that it ate your eggs but I just about peed my pants on the part where you said the snake owes you a dollar! Hilarious!! I literally laughed out loud! Funny stuff!