Friday, February 4, 2011

Texas Snow

Texans do not understand snow and ice. This applies to Texas chickens too.

Their pen was a winter wonderland of ice covered with snow. The ground was icy snow. The water bowl was icy snow. The coop, people step, and chicken ladder were covered with ice and snow. I liberated their water bowl with a shovel and a jug of hot water.

Then I opened the pop door. Oh the chickeny puzzlement!

Mr. Big stepped out the pop door and promptly descended the ladder in accordance with Newton's Law of Gravity. He hit the ground, picked himself up, looked around for chickeny witnesses, and finding none, strutted away as if to say "I meant to do that".

De and Vo were next to exit. They pushed out the door at the same time, like Two Stooges. After a "BAWK" duet they popped out and scooted down the ladder. Vo tipped over the side and covered her embarrassment by scratching in the ice.

Buffy sauntered to the pop door and in one graceful hop landed at the bottom of the ladder. Like a fluffy orange bowling ball, she crashed into De and the two of them fussed over the indignity of it all.

I think we are all ready for spring.

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