Monday, February 14, 2011

Sneaky Cabbage Snatcher

I have been trying to get my chickens to eat cabbage for the past few days.

The first day they left the cabbage leaves on the ground and demonstrated their disdain.

The second day they picked at the shredded bits of cabbage and dropped them back on the ground.

This morning  I gave them a cabbage quarter. They pecked once or twice and then huffed off to take a dust bath, flouncing their tails at me.

But this evening the morning cabbage was gone. Unless the cabbage fairy took it away, the chickens finally ate it.

Sneaky birds....

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  1. I found it takes them awhile to try new things but once one is brave enough - look out! Mine don't like whole leaves either because they are hard for them to pick off a piece small enough to swallow. A quarter is the way to go because they can then get beak-leverage to eat small bits of it. Check out my blog where we chip up produce for the girls.