Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kitchen disaster, chickens to the rescue

I am a terrible cook! Luckily I have chickens to hide my errors.

I regularly make scrambled eggs. For some stupid reason I burn them pretty often too. Happily, my birds love to eat scrambled eggs -- even when I include the eggshells.

I tried my hand at pumpkin pie. I burned the crust, but I ate it all because I am greedy with my sweets.

For Thanksgiving I tried to make a simple and delicious dish from my childhood. I called my mother to learn how to make her famous acorn squash and hit the kitchen.

It was awful. I don't know what I did wrong. It was so terrible that I stuck it in the fridge out of embarrassment. After a while I could not stand the shame any longer and I gave it to the chickens.

Surprise! The chickens loved my infamous squash. I went to check on them later in the afternoon and saw the silly girls had kicked in a bunch of dirt filling in the center. That night I picked it up, looked at the center, and saw my feet. I realized they had eaten through to the ground.

Glad someone could eat it.

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