Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Testing the "Rooster Cure" for Broody Hen

One of my hens has gone broody. This is a nuisance since she is kicking the other hens out of the nest box.

So far the following things were tried and failed:

  • Physically remove the broody hen from the nest. She simply returned when I was not looking.
  • Isolate her in the tractor. She just made a nest in the tractor. As soon as she was released, she dashed to the nest box in the coop.
  • Put her in the tractor with the rooster. Test in progress.

Maybe she is not alluring enough or maybe the rooster needs Chicken Viagra. The rooster has not mounted the broody hen while I was watching, so I will give it one more day. If she is still broody, then there are two more ideas I read about.

Both ideas are based on the theory that warm hens are broody or something. So if the hen is cool, then the broodiness will pass.

  • Dunk her in cold water. This ought to be comical in a Three Stooges kind of way. 
  • Put her in a suspended wire-bottomed cage so she gets a lot of air up her hind end. This should be less stressful than the cold water, but may take a lot longer.

For now, just wait and see. Stay tuned for the outcome!

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