Friday, October 29, 2010

Still Broody

This morning I evicted my broody hen, but by evening she was back on the nest trying to hatch her latest creation and the fake egg. So I have devised a clever plan....

I moved the tractor into the chicken run. Tomorrow I will put her in the tractor by herself.

Next step, observe her behavior. If she gets off the tractor nest, then let her out and observe her some more.

If she stays on the tractor nest or camps out in the coop nest, then she spends another day in the tractor -- with the rooster.

Update: The tractor was a big sensation. All the girls had to check it out and climb on top. The broody hen wanted desperately to get out. She eventually calmed down and ate her food, much to the consternation of the others who could not steal it. After a while she went to lay on the tractor nest.

Update 2: Let her out this evening and she had a quick scratch through the treats and then zip! right to the nest. I found her trying to hatch the ceramic egg a few minutes ago.

Tomorrow I will try out the rooster cure.

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