Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mayhem -- Snakey Snakey

Two weeks ago my Buff Orpington went broody and camped out in the downstairs nest box. I took advantage of the situation to put eight eggs under her. Three days later they were gone.

Lacking any more of my genetically superior eggs, I grabbed the mutts that were on the kitchen counter and stuck them under the oblivious broody. Then Doc helped me convert the chicken jail into a broody nest. We moved her upstairs without losing any of our fingers and settled in for a long hatch. Yesterday, egg candling revealed progress, so happy day right?

The other hens kept laying in the downstairs nest box. I was consistently getting eggs every day, except for the occasional shell-less egg from Vo.

But this morning, things took a creepy turn.

I went to the coop and immediately noticed the chickens were behaving strangely. Instead of rocketing out of the coop, they reluctantly looked out the pop door around and stayed inside. I eventually shooed them out and went to collect eggs.

One glance inside and I immediately left the coop.
Evidence that a snake was here
I collected my wits and went back for a second look. I poked my camera into the nest box for a reconnaissance mission and scrutinized the picture. Seeing no immediate threat I took more pictures and bravely ran away.

Two weeks ago I saw a Water Moccasin in the driveway, but it slipped away before I could ask it to park elsewhere. Last week I found a four foot long snakeskin near the front gate. Today I find another snakeskin in the nest box. This is bad.
Missing egg
It ate the eggs. Again. And it ate my ceramic egg, too.

Snake owes me a dollar.

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  1. Actually, I'd let the $1 go and consider that your exterminator fee. Cuz that snake won't be around much longer after chocking down a ceramic egg. Glad to hear your chickens are all okay. Well, except for being really freaked out.