Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Chicken Run

My nephews and their friend came down to Texas and  gave me an awesome gift -- a new chicken run!

Doc recently replaced all the horse fences so we had an abundance of used fence posts and wire. Glen chopped down the small forest of weeds in the target location. Russell showed me how to get stubborn staples, nails, and screws out of 15 year old posts. Bon figured out the best way to pull fence wire.

First we set the posts, parallel to the existing pasture fence. I finally got to use my post level. I also learned that very wet cement does not hold posts as firmly as I would like.
Pretty much vertical posts
Then we pulled farm fence wire, stapled it down, and screwed in 2x6 planks to support the top and block the bottom. We tried using a come-along attached to rebar to pull the fence taut, but found that levering it tight with a 2x4 against a post was much more effective.
More important to follow the ground than look pretty
Finally we tied deer netting to the top of the run using baling twine. It was getting late, so we only tied it down in a few places. Another item for my To Do List....
Deer netting to keep hawks out and chickens in
We hazed the flock into the new run. They raced across the open area, full mosey ahead. Once inside, they set to exploring.
Mr. Big leads the inspection crew
They tested the nest box for fit and comfort.
A fine place to lay an egg
And then they settled in for feasting and forage.
A Red, Oreo, and De at dinner
The flock scratched and clucked and ate pellets, crumbles, plants, bugs, and whatever else caught their fancy. Oh the chickeny joy!

UPDATE: The new run has a new coop and a new chicken!


  1. It looks nice and sturdy! Great gift!

  2. I am inexperienced when it comes to keeping livestock, but my two cents is this: knowing raccoons chicken coops and how they can figure out how to get into anything and apparently skunks are diggers, I would imagine a fenced-in run (possibly electrified since bears are a concern) would be best if you aren't going to be able to shepherd over and watch your chickens when they are outside the coop.For most visit here :-http://www.chickencoopsandhouses.co.uk/