Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Occupant in New Coop

The New Coop is done-ish.

I gave the coop a metal roof. I managed to put the last screw into it just as the rain started.
Roof installed in the nick of time
Doc and I worked feverishly the next day, enjoying the Texas sun and heatstroke. We completed the drip edge, hardware cloth, door latch, and run fencing. We decided to test the coop with one chicken. Jailbird Vo volunteered.
Vo enjoying her own private coop
We constructed a cheesy sliding pop door. The hardware cloth impedes the door and the pull string will have to be replaced with something better.
Dodgy Door
After some perfunctory exploration, Jailbird Vo pooped on the sand to make sure it was working. Then she settled in for the night on her mini-pallet roost.
Fancy roost
When we ventured out in the morning, Vo was still in the coop -- alive and well. This was at least partly due to the vermin trap being occupied by a nocturnal trespasser.
Pre-occupied vermin trap
We plan to put the poultry netting over the run ASAP so the chicks can have some elbow room.

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