Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cabbage haters gonna hate cabbage

Cabbage is cheap nutrition. It helps chickens lay rich delicious eggs. Even Cato the Elder thought is was good stuff.

Other people have chickens that loooove cabbage. The cool people at often recommend hanging a cabbage in the chicken coop to keep the birds entertained with a healthy snack.

But there is one little catch. The chickens actually have to eat it. As things stand now though, I am wondering if a chicken suppository is possible....

You see, my chickens like to free range. They dig and scratch. They eat bugs and weeds and delicious things that are too small for mere humans to see. Weed leaves that are too big to swallow whole get pecked into bite sized pieces. Now fast forward to today's cabbage experiment....

I gave them whole cabbage leaves. They kicked them out of the way to peck at the dirt.

I gave them little bite-sized cabbage leaf bits. They kicked them out of the way to peck at the dirt.

I left cabbage leaves in the feeder. They kicked them out of the way to peck at the crumbles.

They reeeeeeally hate that cabbage.

Update: Cabbage gone. Who did it?


  1. I think mine are the same way! At least the few times I've put cabbage in there they haven't eaten much of it. Isn't that strange? Mine also do not like oatmeal! Now what chickens don't like oatmeal? I don't get it....

    But I'll tell you what- they'll go absolutely bonkers for shredded cheese

  2. I assume you've tried hanging it like a game, but yikes, picky chickens. I have enough to worry about with picky kids...

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